Respect. Toni Gelabert respects what he feels, and he transmits this to his warm, elegant wines. The flavour of each mouthful of wine reflects his love for the land: that same love the moon professes for the earth, that love that nourishes the grapes which he harvests with gentle hands.

It is a religion for him. There are no secrets, just hard work and a passion for what he does. This passion is reflected by the name given to each type of wine and also by the label. Work by artist friends decorates the bottles of Toni Gelabert’s wines, and all of them are recognized wines, well able to accompany the most exquisite of dishes.

The wine produced as a result of our much-loved labours is matured in oak casks. Thank you for choosing one of our wines. We hope that every mouthful you take reflects the loving care with which we nurture our grapes.

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